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Mother the Mother
  • Help with the emotional and physical recovery after birth

  • Share well versed knowledge on postpartum healing

  • Light housekeeping so that mom does not feel so overwhelmed

  • Running errands

  • Sibling care
  • Meal preparation 
  • Light cooking
  • Provide time for self-care
Alternative Advice
  • Focusing on both the recovering mom and new baby

  • Resources for a range of alternative care

  • Tips and tricks using personal experiences

  • Knowledge on a range of alternative methods

  • I promise to bring an openness to any and all methods the mother choses.

Feeding Support
  • Breastfeeding and latch support

  • Knowledge of proper handling and storage of breastmilk

  • Information about pumping

  • Tips and tricks

  • PACE bottle feeding

  • Resources for IBCLC & support groups

Baby Wearing
  • Establish goals for baby-wearing

  • Explore different options and find the best fit for you and your lifestyle

  • Instructions on proper usage

  • Evaluate positioning for safety and comfort.

  • Demo and practice with my real-life doll 

Newborn Care
  • Baby soothing techniques

  • Assistance with newborn care such as diapering, bathing, feeding, swaddling and comforting

  • Share well versed knowledge and experience

  • Help promote skin to skin 

  • Referrals to local resources/classes

Preparing for Baby
  • Pre-baby evaluation of living space and belongings

  • Discover essentials for baby's arrival

  • Determine what will and will not be needed

  • Organize spaces for easy flow

Partner support, encouraging more sleep and rest, creating a harmonious environment, aid and assist sibling adjustment, loss support and much, much more....

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