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Resource and help for those families that are affected by birth injuries:

Frequently Asked Questions

What hours to you offer?

Generally, I am available 10:00am-2:00pm. Please inquire further if you would need assistance at a different time than this. At this time I do not offer over night services.

What areas do you serve?

I serve Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Birmingham, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Pontiac, Royal Oak, Clawson, Berkley, Bingham Farms, Franklin, West Bloomfield, Madison Heights, Warren, Sterling Heights and some surrounding areas. My maximum travel is 40 minutes. The farther I have to travel, the less time I am available, as I need to consider travel time in my availability. Although, if your location is out of my limitations, I would be happy to find you a doula in your area to work with. 

Are you certified and insured?

Yes, I am certified through DONA, and insured.

Is there a best time to use a postpartum doula?

Depending on if you have support in the hospital the days after your baby, my services could start as early as then. I do offer hospital visits. Otherwise, a postpartum doula can be used up to 12 weeks after the baby is born.

Is there anything you DO NOT do?

Things I cannot do as a postpartum doula is give medical advice, treatment or diagnosis, as well as deep cleaning of the house (e.g. cleaning bathrooms, making beds, mopping floors).

What is the difference between a baby nurse and a postpartum doula?

 My job is to "mother the mother" and help with the transition into parenthood. A postpartum doula helps the family to be more independent about caring for the newborn and ensures the parents are set up for success even after her time is done. A postpartum doula is available for the postpartum parent along with the rest of the family (which includes baby). As a postpartum doula, I am here to nurture the parent, allow them to nourish themselves, and ensure they are experiencing joy with this new member of the family. I provide physical and emotional recovery care for the birthing parent, newborn care, and support for partner and siblings as the whole family transitions to parenthood. In contrast, the baby nurse is hired solely to care for the infant. For a full list of my services, please use the "Services" icon at the top of the page. 


What does "Postpartum Doula" mean?

Doula—A Greek word meaning “woman’s servant.”  While a doula can provide birth care and/or postpartum care, it is necessary to differentiate between the two types of doulas.

Postpartum Doula—A supportive advisor and helper who is  professionally trained to provide postpartum support  to the mother and her family.

Who can benefit from hiring a postpartum doula?

Each family is unique, and each family can benefit in different ways. Below I briefly list some reasons families with new babies or expecting new babies may chose to hire a postpartum doula:

First-time parents, parents of multiples, cesarean section birth/recovery, parents who have experienced difficult deliveries, families with little support, families who want support outside of their family and friends, women who want to breastfeed, families with other young children, birthing people at risk for postpartum depression & anxiety, premature births/babies,  babies with colic or reflux, new parents with limited experience with newborns, seasoned parents who need an extra hand, families with siblings to transition into sibling role, new families with no family near by, single parents, adoptive parents, families who want to explore natural options and methods, and the list goes on.

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